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Utah Asset Protection Trusts

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Reason To Consider An Asset Protection 

Utah law is favorable and comparatively flexible for those wishing to protect assets. Asset protection trusts can be used to protect both the trust creator and future generations from creditors. No one vehicle, be it a trust or a business entity such as an LLC provides complete protections by itself but at Morgan & Associates we can help you determine the best combinations of entities needed to protect your future.

The key tenant of an asset protection trust is its irrevocability. Living trusts are strictly organizational tools used to avoid guardianship and probate. While important, these do not afford any protection from creditors.  An irrevocable trust can be a useful tool, especially when planning for future generations.

Planning irrevocable trusts requires specialized knowledge in both estate planning and tax law to ensure the desired results. Because they are irrevocable, it is much more difficult to correct mistakes in asset protection trusts.  Better do it right the first time, give us a call today!

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