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Guardianship Law In Utah

Helping Utah Families With Guardianship Needs

Guardianship can be a complex process because it involves taking rights from an adult and entrusting those rights to another adult. At Morgan and Associates, we understand that this is often a very difficult decision for families and individuals. We take our clients’ feelings seriously… So seriously, that we maintain a licensed counselor with experience in guardianship proceedings on staff to advise us on the emotional side of the process.

Guardianship Rests With The Court

We know courtrooms and we’ll help you navigate the process.  In a guardianship proceeding, the person for whom guardianship is sought is appointed their own attorney to represent their interests. We are experienced in working with these attorneys to achieve the best result for the senior or adult with special needs and their families.

When Is A Guardianship Needed

Oftentimes a full or plenary guardianship is not necessary, even in these cases a court may nonetheless grant a limited guardianship which will allow for assistance only in certain areas of a person’s life.  If assistance with daily living is not required but a person still needs help managing finances, Utah has several options to help. A financial guardianship is available for those with limited assets and, for those with larger holdings, a conservatorship may be available.

Why Choose A Durable Power Of Attorney 

In some cases the client’s needs may be met with an out of court option. A durable power of attorney allows a person to share decision making with a designated agent, usually a family member.  Power of attorney is an extremely flexible instrument that can even be divided into only a medical or financial power of attorney.  Additionally, unlike a guardianship a power of attorney can easily be revoked and rescinded should a person regain capacity without going to court.

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