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Special Needs Abuse Attorney

Utah’s Special Needs Abuse Law Firm

Special needs abuse or the abuse of individuals with diminished capacity, is sadly, a problem that is often hidden and can be very hard to talk about. Abuse can come from professionals such as neglectful or violent staff in a nursing facility or a professional caregiver in the home. Physical abuse can even come from family members or trusted associates. If you suspect abuse, you need a special needs abuse attorney!

Abusers often use violence or neglect to dominate their victims. It is often hard to identify a victim of abuse because individuals with special need may not be able to communicate the abuse and they are not out in public as often as others in the community. Often times everything may seem fine on the surface but your gut may tell you otherwise. If you suspect someone you care about is a victim of physical abuse or financial abuse, please call us.

No matter the source, we despise physical abuse.  We will do everything in our power to ensure our clients are protected from abuse and we will fight for those clients who are already victims.

Protect Those With Specials Needs or Diminished Capacity from Abuse. 

Speak with Special Needs Abuse Attorney Chris Morgan Now: 801-441-2881. 

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