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We are passionate about helping Utah Seniors plan for their future. Age and increasing disability can create fear about the future especially for those with limited resources. Adding to that uncertainty is the complex universe of benefits.  Medicaid Benefits Planning now, is the key to unlocking and receiving Medicaid benefits in the future.

Understanding Medicaid Benefits Planning in Utah

In order to qualify for benefits an applicant must meet financial and medical standards. For instance Medicaid applicants can not possess over $2,000.00 in assets.  Additionally when applying for long term care Medicaid, the applicant will face a penalty  if there have been any substantial gifts or transfers of assets within 60 months (5 years) prior to submitting the application.

Often families can be faced with the difficulty of spending down what little assets remain in order to qualify for Medicaid Benefits without knowing the options that exist to make this process easier. For example, a home is exempt from the Medicaid asset requirement if it is being utilized by a spouse. Other examples include exclusions for a vehicle, or a prepaid funeral plan. Using our knowledge of the applicable exclusions and limits we can help stretch your resources and create a plan to make what resources you have last as long as possible.

Proper Medicaid Benefits Planning Is Incredibly Important

In many instances special needs trusts can supplement care for those on Medicaid to increase quality of life beyond basic needs. Additionally Medicaid recipients who get settlements from a car accident or receive back payments from social security can create a self-settled trust to preserve their eligibility for Medicaid without sacrificing the resources they gain from the settlement.

Seniors, veterans and adults with special needs often miss out on a variety of benefits simply because they do not know they exist, believe they do not qualify or do not know how to apply.  Not only do we know the benefits programs ourselves but we also stay connected to agencies and organizations in the area that provide free benefit counseling and assistance with applications.

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