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Utah Living Trusts

Utah Estate Planning & Assistance With Living Trusts

Creating a Living Trust or Revocable Living Trust

Revocable Living Trusts, often called a family trust, is a device that allows its creator to pass on property following his or death without the expense and hassle and publicity of the probate court. Generally, the family of a deceased person must hire a lawyer, petition the court, wait for orders from the judge and then file various documents before finally requesting the court to close an estate. The living trust skips this whole process and puts estate administration in the hands of whoever is appointed in the trust.

Even more importantly, when combined with powers of attorney for finances and healthcare, the living trust can provide for its creator during periods of incapacity without the need for an official court-authorized adult guardianship.

The living trust is easy to change, revoke or edit.  Anything inside the trust can be removed at any time until the death of its creator. Additionally, a Utah trust can be structured to include stipulations on inheritance such as using inherited money for specific purposes such as education or retirement.  A trust can even be designed to pay out an inheritance only when a person reaches a certain age of maturity or completes designated milestones.

Estate Planning Is Our Specialty At Morgan Law & Associates

Many lawyers offer estate planning services including living trusts, sometimes at “bargain” rates. Do not be fooled. Unlike many attorneys who use fill in the blank forms, we draft unique trusts for every client. This is crucial because many of the form trusts peddled online and by non-specialist attorneys contain provisions that can be harmful rather than helpful to the average person. Furthermore, we are one of the few firms that will help you fund your trust. In order for the living trust plan to work it must be funded with substantially all of your assets. We take the hassle out of transferring your home, bank accounts, life insurance, and other assets into the trust.  We are Utah’s trust experts, let us handle your family estate plan.

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