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Utah Estate Planning & Family Trust Plan

Every Family Needs Utah Estate Planning Help 


A common misconception is that Utah Estate Planing  is only necessary for the very wealthy.  Utah Estate planning will benefit a person with few assets just as much or more as a person with substantial holdings. For example, a family plan allows parents of minor children, or guardians of adults with special needs, to nominate a successor guardian should they become unable to provide care. Additionally the family plan will allow property and wealth to pass to descendants or other designees outside of probate.

Protect Your Assets with Utah Estate Planning 

Without a trust plan, the probate court oversees the distribution of a deceased person’s estate. This can be expensive, especially if family members disagree with how the plan is administered.  Furthermore, probate court records are freely searchable, meaning that creditors or other unwanted strangers can see what property a person has at death.

A family trust plan keeps the assets out of court and out of prying eyes. Unlike a will a family trust plan is easy to change, revoke or edit.  Assets inside the trust can be removed at any time until the death of its creator. Additionally, a Utah trust can be structured to include stipulations on inheritance such as using the money for specific purposes such as education or retirement.  A trust can even be designed to pay out an inheritance only when a person reaches a certain age of maturity.

What’s The Important Difference Between A Will and Trust?

A major problem with simple wills offered online is that they can easily become useless over time. A trust never faces that problem because it adapts as you do.  Our basic family trust plans typically consist of a living trust, a will, a power of attorney and an advanced healthcare directive. Having these documents in place creates a very flexible plan for just about any family without breaking the bank.

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