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Helping Utah Residents Plan for the High Costs of Nursing Home Care

Looking for  help and answers in planning for the High Nursing Costs and Nursing Home Care. The high costs of nursing home care in Utah are staggering, often topping $5,000 per month. Furthermore, regular medical insurance does not cover the costs associated with long-term care.  This leaves many people in a desperate situation as their capacity to care for themselves decreases while their ability to cover such steep monthly costs for very long remains unattainable.

Medicare Coverage Does Not Include Long Term Care.

For many, it comes as a shock to learn that Medicare will not cover the costs of long term care. Medicare is a Federal program to help the senior population pay for hospitalizations, doctor care and medications. Medicare does not cover nursing or assisted living care.

Medicaid can help cover costs of long term nursing and assisted living care. Medicaid is run by the State under Federal Mandate. Medicaid can help low income Utah residents meet the high costs of nursing home care.  The rules associated with Medicaid are complex and constantly changing. In many cases an applicant is required to spend down assets in order to qualify for low income assistance with nursing home costs. Even after meeting the low income and asset guidelines sufficient to apply for Medicaid there is no guarantee that a given nursing home will allocate one of its designated Medicaid slots to a patient.

The Attorneys at Morgan & Associates can help you or a loved one qualify for Medicaid.

We can help with the Medicaid Application process, work with nursing homes, help with the transfer to assisted living, and everything in between. The process of entering a nursing home can be a difficult emotional experience both for the patients and their families. At Morgan & Associates we will alleviate the stress of the process so you can focus on your loved ones, not the hassle and uncertainty of the process.

A common concern among our clients is the Medicaid Estate Recovery. Following the death of a Medicaid recipient, the State is permitted to recover monies from the deceased person’s estate. This can often take the form of liens against a home or other items of value. Planning for these eventualities can often save clients thousands of dollars for their loved ones. At Morgan & Associates we utilize the best legal techniques available to preserve as much as possible for the next generation. High costs do not need to keep you or a loved one from receiving nursing home care.


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